This is a "Friar Dude" game made by a real Capuchin friar dude. I use it as a tool when talking at Catholic schools or whatnot.


Saint Francis of Assisi’s brilliant iteration of praises (“the Canticle of the Creatures“) as well as Zeffirelli’s 1972 film Brother Sun, Sister Moon provided the inspiration for Friar Dude‘s graphical styling. The first three levels represent the “Brother Sun” aspect of the Canticle, while the final three levels represent “Sister Moon”. The falling obstacles represent five specific activities of the Capuchin Franciscans in my province (Capuchin Soup KitchenJPIC / Social Justice, Pastoral Work, reading, and studying). The falling collectibles represent rest (catching Z’s), the Holy Spirit (the dove + flames), and extra lives (heart).

The game demonstrates the major stages of Capuchin formation. The player moves from postulancy to novitiate to simple vows to perpetual vows and ends with a final sprint into the afterlife. This provided a basic “educational” element to the game. So many people ask me, “what is the process of becoming a friar?”. From now on, I can refer them to this game. Some friars have jokingly suggested that the game should be a screening process for incoming candidates.

Additionally, the title track from Friar Dude was essentially an 8-bit styling of Donovan’s classic rendition of “Brother Sun, Sister Moon”.

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